Vegan Wagon

Eat your way towards a happy, healthy and balanced life.

HarmoniOus with nature

Making the world a better place starts around the table.

Vegan Wagon is not just about promoting better eating habits, it is about incorporating them into living and feeling better.

Chef Alex, a 5-star gourmet French Chef specializing in plant based cuisine and founder of Vegan Wagon, designed this simple and powerful macrobiotic protocol to help people maintain a healthy balance in their diet and life. Chef’s protocol was crafted over 22 years while he was immersed in the plant based lifestyle and community.

Our menu follows from the empirical results of regenerative nutrition, based on what really works, which Chef saw first hand while serving clients across the globe.


Originally from Geneva, Switzerland, Chef Alex Cheblal was raised on a farm with a macrobiotic lifestyle, where his passion for eating in harmony with nature developed
at an early age. As his passion for food and cooking matured, Chef Alex was mentored by Master Chefs in France, Switzerland, the United States, and Japan. He applied his craft in over 16 countries after successfully reversing his own health challenges. Now he is happy to share the High Vibe to the ones who truly desire it.

He sees this protocol as foundational to living in balance and harmony with nature and each other. He is dedicated to teaching people how to replace “dis-ease” with being
“at-ease,” through the use of nutrition, in accordance with Hippocrates’ famously saying to, “let thy food be thy medicine,” he is also the most passionate person you will ever meet when it comes to helping others integrate healthy eating into their lives. Over many years of practice and observations, Chef Alex has indeed witnessed several transformations first hand, with plenty of “before-and-after” photos sent to him by delighted clients.

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