Making the world a better place: It starts around the table

The Vegan Wagon isn’t just about promoting better eating habits: it’s about living better.

 Vegan Wagon is a very powerful way to maximize your nutrition due to the background of Chef Alex, its founder. The protocol is very easy to apply and can be customized to your chart.

It is fundamental to eat consciously to access our ultimate vibrancy. It, therefore, harmonizes a lifestyle greatly as well. It is not always easy to do it on our own:  This is where Chef Alex is assisting you with his precious guidance. You go with the flow and you see yourself transforming!

Vegan Wagon offers  mentoring services, customized events & dinners, cooking classes and is involved with various events centered around a plant-based lifestyle in our community. Magical deluxe retreats are also designed to maximize the Vegan Wagon experience to it maximum!  Our next coming retreat is in a 1 000 years old deluxe villa in Tuscany May16th to May 22nd.

Join the Vegan Wagon movement and eat your way to health, happiness, and balance that’ll make you feel at your ultimate best. GO at your rhythm and BE with the flow.


Learn more about a plant-based lifestyle with Chef Alex



 Chef Alex, Founder of the Vegan Wagon is more than just a man with a plan(t)—he’s the most passionate guy you’ll ever meet when it comes to living well. Chef Alex sees his protocol as preventive medicine.  He turns the conscious living into the art we can all take part in, and in a way that feels personal to our own needs and goals.

Originally from Geneva Switzerland, Chef Alex Cheblal was born on a farm with a macrobiotic lifestyle. his craft is totally earned and represents the old-fashioned way. He was himself mentored at an early age by Master chefs in France, Switzerland, the United States, and Japan. Inspired by these international flavors. He knows and applies food to a holistic degree.

His knowledge of plant-based nutrition has been shaped by the Functional Medicine, Integrative, and Holistic practitioners, as well as the local, organic non-pesticide farmers with whom he partners.

Chef Alex created Vegan Wagon to be your source of highly-nutritious, trying to bring the farm produces straight in your plate. It is self-love to eat that way!  Everything we eat with Vegan Wagon is locally sourced and crafted.  Education and private mentoring will maximize your experience, jumpstart your health and make you happier! Younger!




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