About Chef Alex

Chef Romain Alexandre Cheblal, founder of Vegan Wagon, is a renowned 5-star French chef specializing in plant-based cuisine. Raised on a macrobiotic farm near Geneva, Switzerland, Cheblal developed a passion for eating in harmony with nature at an early age. With over 35 years of experience in plant-based living, “Chef Alex” has created a powerful and simple protocol to help people achieve and maintain a healthy balance in their diet and life. Having studied food prep, nutrition, and healing arts in 16+ countries, he incorporates international flavors and practices into his cooking and education of holistic living. Chef Alex’s knowledge of plant-based nutrition is influenced by Functional Medicine; Integrative and Holistic practitioners; and organic non-pesticide farmers. Through Vegan Wagon, he provides highly nutritious food concepts, an education platform, and private mentoring to promote conscious living and help people achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Chef Alex understands how healthy eating habits are an art form that can be tailored to each individual’s unique needs and goals.

About 5 Simple Things

Hop on the Vegan Wagon and embark on a holistic experience with Chef Alex as he guides you through his 5 Simple Things program, incorporating the essential elements of aging with grace.

1. Plant-Based Eating

Listening to your body’s personal needs & cravings, and learning how to nourish yourself with nutrient-dense, plant-based meals, are essential to good health. Chef Alex teaches individuals how to prepare delicious and nutritious meals using locally-sourced ingredients, and instructs on how to incorporate these meals into a daily routine.


2. Hydration

Maintaining appropriate hydration is crucial to body function, from regulating body temperature & nutrient delivery, to overall, basic organ function. Hydration is also directly related to cognition, mood, and sleep quality. Chef Alex educates not only on how to maintain appropriate daily hydration, but also incorporates the centuries-old practice of Cold Plunge Therapy into current routines. Known to increase & oxygenate blood flow, decrease inflammation, promote cell regeneration, and support a strong immune system, the long-term benefits of this revitalizing practice cannot be overestimated. 

3. Breathwork

Learning to breathe with purpose not only helps cultivate a deeper awareness of our body, it also decreases stress and improves mental health. Dependent upon individuals’ specific needs, Chef Alex teaches various types of Breathwork to enhance mental clarity and focus, while also improving the body’s overall physical health.

4. Meditation

Known to decrease stress, depression, and anxiety, while simultaneously improving memory, attention span, and sleep quality, the mental & emotional benefits of meditation are numerous. Chef Alex suggests incorporating meditation into daily routines as research has also revealed its quantitative physical benefits of lowering blood-pressure and improving painful symptoms of stress-related physical conditions, such as IBS, PTSD, and fibromyalgia (increased self-awareness, willpower, and compassion for others, are also guaranteed).


5. Gratitude

Major studies reveal that expressing gratitude has both mental and physical benefits.  Combining a gratitude practice into a daily routine can decrease depression and anxiety, while also improving sleep and supporting a healthy immune system. With the extra benefit of the body’s release of oxytocin (the hormone related to trust, human connection, and sexual stimulation) who would choose to forgo an extra daily dose of this natural “love chemical?”

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