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Chef Alex Cheblal has revolutionized plant-based living with his simple approach to eating, breathing, moving & being.

Less is More: Simplicity is Key

About Vegan Wagon

With modest beginnings as a healthy meal delivery service, Vegan Wagon has since transformed into a larger plant-based journey, and gained a diverse community of followers. Founded by master chef, Romain Alexandre Cheblal, “Chef Alex” has created a plant-based way of living that is not only accessible and sustainable, but also delicious!

Having faced down his own serious health challenges in 2008, this unique, wellness expert understands the importance of a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle. Through the development of his “5 Simple Things” program, Chef Alex not only encourages a plant-based diet, but is available to personally guide individuals on how to live a healthy, fully-intentional life; one based in self-realization. His personal instruction has helped numerous individuals, once disconnected from their bodies, to significantly improve their overall health & well-being.

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