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Chef Alex Cheblal has revolutionized plant-based living with a simple approach to eating, breathing, moving & being.

Less is More: Simplicity is Key

About Vegan Wagon

Vegan Wagon began as a vegan meal delivery service and has transformed into a larger plant-based journey and community developed by its founder, Chef Alex Cheblal. Chef Alex has created a plant-based way of eating that is accessible, sustainable, and delicious.

But Chef Alex doesn’t stop at food. As a plant-based lifestyle expert, he understands the importance of a holistic approach to health and wellness. That’s why he has also developed a protocol that encompasses eating, breathing and movement practices that complement his plant-based cuisine. These practices help individuals connect with their bodies, reduce stress, and enhance overall well-being and health.

Fill Up My Fridge

With Vegan Wagon's Plant-Based Food delivery, Chef Alex will prepare a variety of home-cooked meals using fresh, locally-sourced, and organic ingredients for the entire month.

New Moon Feasts

Under the glow of each new moon, we invite you to connect with the natural world and reflect on the abundance that surrounds us for all-inclusive, plant-based meals prepared by Chef Alex.

Plant-Based Journey

Hop on the Vegan Wagon and embark on a holistic experience with Chef Alex as he guides you on how to manifest the plant-based lifestyle. Learn how to eat, cook, shop, and breathe vegan.

Plant-Based Simplicity


Intuitive Eating


Purposeful Breath Work


Intentional Movement


Effortless Existence

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