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What we are:

Vegan Wagon is a lifestyle brand that celebrates the plant-based life. Creating a better world where people and nature can thrive  starts with you, the individual which then has a ripple effect in the collective consciousness. Vegan Wagon is a platform for a healthy lifestyle which begins with what we choose to put into our bodies and the community we surround ourselves with. When we are conscious of this, it plays a huge role in preventative medicine, anti-aging, as well as optimal health.  Vegan Wagon isn’t just about promoting better eating habits, it’s about living better. Wherever there’s a Vegan Wagon, there’s a road to a healthier life.

We attract some of the most conscious and innovative vegans from around the world so becoming a member means a lot more than just delicious dishes. Vegan Wagon members get access to a rich offering of lifestyle education, health coaching, and various events centered around a plant-based lifestyle, from dinners to cooking classes to informative lectures.

We are more than health conscious; we are life conscious.

Vegan Wagon founder, Chef Alex created a protocol which is very easy to apply and can be customized to suit your needs. Eating consciously give us access our ultimate vibrancy and greatly harmonizes our lifestyle. It is not always easy to do on our own, so this is where Alex can assist you with his extensive knowledge and thoughtful guidance. You’ll soon be  going with the flow and transforming with ease! Vegan Wagon offers mentoring services, customized events and dinners, cooking classes and instructional lifestyle enhancing videos  centered  around a plant-based lifestyle in our community. Magical, deluxe retreats are also offered which are designed to maximize the Vegan Wagon experience.

Hop on the Vegan Wagon and be part of a movement joining other conscious people creating health, happiness and a more balanced life that will make you look and feel your ultimate best.

It’s all About Balance

Many lifestyle protocols request that you are militant and super strict about following a regimen. At Vegan Wagon we have a much “softer” approach to what it means to be vegan and adhere to a healthier, more conscious way of eating and living. We won’t tell you what and how to eat and give you a list of “forbidden” foods. Instead, we take you on a journey to learn the true value of a ‘mostly’ plant-based diet, including the medicinal value of certain herbs, fruits, and vegetables have while teaching you how to make your favorite veggies taste more delicious than you ever imagined.

We invite you aboard the Vegan Wagon to discover your way to health, happiness, and a more balanced way of living that is guaranteed to make you feel awesome.

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Vegan Wagon Community Membership

The Vegan Wagon community was created as a go-to on-line platform and resource for those looking for knowledge to create a (mostly) plant-based, conscious lifestyle with other like-minded people. It includes in-person events and retreats around the world, and in the future, this will expand to ultimately developing a lifestyle community for people to be completely food sovereign. Community members will be the first to know about this development and opportunities to get involved. If you are someone who is a seeker, always learning and knows they don’t everything and realizes that the world is constantly changing and that nothing is permanent, it’s no accident you’ve found yourself here.

With the Vegan Wagon there is always a way to get to your destination at a smooth, comfortable pace. You get to slow down, meet new people and if you do “fall off the wagon” you can always get back on without injury. You can always change your destination (goals, life plans) and will get the support you need. When you hitch a ride with us, you’ll learn how to nourish yourself and your family with plants and jump start the body’s own natural healing process. You’ll discover a new destination in health that you may not have known existed.


Upcoming Events

Palm Beach Dinner

Tuesday March 7th 2023


Italy Retreat

June 10-17th 2023

VEGAN WAGON Mino Netta, Tom Whitmire, Melanie Cabot, John Sarmiento and Alex Cheblal

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Palm Beach FL & The Hamptons NY

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