About Chef Alex

Chef Alex Cheblal, founder of Vegan Wagon, is a renowned 5-star French chef specializing in plant-based cuisine. Raised on a macrobiotic farm in Geneva, he developed a passion for eating in harmony with nature at an early age. With over 35 years of experience in plant-based living, Chef Alex has created a powerful and simple protocol to help people achieve and maintain a healthy balance in their diet and life. He has studied food prep, nutrition, and healing arts in 16 countries and incorporates international flavors and practices into his cooking and education of holistic living. Chef Alex’s knowledge of plant-based nutrition is influenced by Functional Medicine, Integrative and Holistic practitioners, and organic non-pesticide farmers. Through Vegan Wagon, Chef Alex provides highly nutritious food concepts, an education platform, and private mentoring to promote conscious living and help people achieve a healthier lifestyle.

He believes that healthy eating and habits are an art form that can be tailored to an individual’s unique needs and goals.

About the Plant-Based Journey

Hop on the Vegan Wagon and embark on a holistic experience with Chef Alex as he guides you on how to manifest the plant-based lifestyle through four guiding principles:

1. Intuitive Eating

Learning how to nourish yourself with delicious, nutrient-dense plant-based meals by listening to your body’s needs and cravings is key. Chef Alex will teach you how to prepare delicious and nutritious meals using locally-sourced ingredients, and show you how to incorporate these meals into your daily routine. 

2. Purposeful Breath Work

Learning to breathe with purpose will help you to cultivate a deeper awareness of your breath and its impact on your body and mind. Chef Alex will guide you on how to use your breath to reduce stress and enhance your mental clarity and focus.


3. Intentional Movement

Movement is also an important component of this journey. Chef Alex will guide you through intentional movement practices that will help you connect with your body and improve your overall strength, flexibility, and mobility. You will learn to move with intention and purpose, creating a deeper connection between your body and mind.

4. Effortless Existence

Finally, the journey is focused on helping you achieve an effortless existence, whereby healthy habits become second nature, and you feel more connected to your environment and community. Chef Alex will share insights on mindfulness and self-care, helping you cultivate a positive mindset and create a more balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. 

Fill Up My Fridge

With Vegan Wagon's Plant-Based Food delivery, Chef Alex will prepare a variety of home-cooked meals using fresh, locally-sourced, and organic ingredients for the entire month.

New Moon Feasts

Under the glow of each new moon, we invite you to connect with the natural world and reflect on the abundance that surrounds us for all-inclusive, plant-based meals prepared by Chef Alex.

Plant-Based Journey

Hop on the Vegan Wagon and embark on a holistic experience with Chef Alex as he guides you on how to manifest the plant-based lifestyle. Learn how to eat, cook, shop, and breathe vegan.

Learn to manifest abundance

Jump On the Vegan Wagon

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