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Vegan Wagon is a lifestyle brand and social club that celebrates the plant-based life. This international club attracts some of the most influential, conscious, and passionate vegans from around the world. Come for the Food and Health Benefits but stay for the Pop-Up Dinners, Socials, Special Luxury Events, Exquisite Parties, Live Educational Lectures, Culture, Special Guests, Celebrities & Leaders, Singles Mixers, Retreats, Workshops, Excursions, Escapes, Secret Gatherings & Getaways!
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Making the World a Better Place – Starts Around the Table!

Vegan Wagon is a platform for a healthy lifestyle, starting around the table. To be conscious of what we put in our body plays a huge role in preventative medicine, anti-aging, as well as optimal health. From our local farmers to the most refined palates, the vibrance is full-spectrum via our custom events and lectures with scholars and professionals.

Wanna Change the World?
There’s Nothing to It!

Join & Discover…

Making the World a Healthier Place

Vegan Wagon isn’t just about eating better: it’s about living better. Wherever there’s a Vegan Wagon, there’s a gateway to live a healthier life. Membership means a lot more than just delicious dishes delivered! Vegan Wagon members get access to a rich offering of lifestyle education, health coaching, and various events centered around a plant-based lifestyle, from dinners to cooking classes to informative lectures.

Not Just Health Conscious, but Life Conscious as Well!

Vegan Wagon isn’t just about promoting better eating habits, it’s about living better.

Vegan Wagon is a powerful way to maximize your nutrition with the experience of its founder, Chef Alex. The protocol is very easy to apply and can be customized to your needs.

It is fundamental to eat consciously, to access our ultimate vibrancy. It, therefore, greatly harmonizes our lifestyle as well. It is not always easy to do it on our own. This is where Chef Alex can assist you with his precious guidance. You go with the flow and see yourself transforming!

VEGAN WAGON Mino Netta, Tom Whitmire, Melanie Cabot, John Sarmiento and Alex Cheblal

Rythm & Flow

Vegan Wagon offers mentoring services, customized events and dinners, cooking classes and is involved with various events centered around a plant-based lifestyle in our community. Magical, deluxe retreats are also designed to maximize the Vegan Wagon experience to its maximum!

Join the Vegan Wagon movement and eat your way to health, happiness and balance that will make you look and feel your ultimate best. GO at your rhythm and BE with the flow.

Vegan Wagon

Lifestyle Events

Special Luxury Experiences, Exquisite Parties, Pop-Up Dinners, Social Happenings, Talks, Singles Mixers & Secret Gatherings


Retreats & Workshops

Experiences, Excursions, Escapes, Vacations & Getaways. Travel the World Incorporating an Optimal Lifestyle!


Plant Based Community

Wake Up Each Morning to Your Prepared Lemon Water, Green Drink, Fruit Smoothie, All You Can Eat Plant Based Cuisine, Fitness & Meditation.


Health Consultants

Learn to Rid Diagnosis, Get Prepared Meals & Catering, Treatments, Daily Guidance or Lifestyle Makeover!


Video Library

Knowledge Library: Food Prep, Meal Plans, Plant Based Lifestyle, Fitness, Tips, How To & Expert Interviews!

Vegan Wagon Reiki Massage Therapy Treatment

Private Practitioners

Access to Curated Network of Therapists, Practitioners & Healers… Incorporating Advanced Treatments & Techniques.


Chef Alex – 

Vegan Wagon founder and influencer Chef Alex Cheblal is a 5-star gourmet French Chef specializing in plant-based cuisine. He designed a simple and powerful protocol to help people maintain a healthy balance in their diet and life. Chef’s protocol was crafted over 22 years while he was immersed in the plant-based lifestyle and community.

Originally from Geneva, Switzerland, he was raised on a farm with a macrobiotic lifestyle, where his passion for eating in harmony with nature developed at an early age. As his passion for food and cooking matured, Chef Alex was mentored by Master Chefs in France, Switzerland, the United States, and Japan. Inspired by these international flavors, he knows and applies food to a holistic degree. He has studied food prep, nutrition & the healing arts in 16 different countries.

Chef Alex’s knowledge of plant-based nutrition has been shaped by Functional Medicine, Integrative and Holistic practitioners, as well as the local, organic non-pesticide farmers with whom he partners. After successfully reversing his own health challenges he is happy to share his High Vibes with the ones who truly desire it.

Chef Alex created Vegan Wagon to be your source of highly-nutritious food, bringing fresh farm produce direct to your plate. It is self-love to eat that way!  Everything we eat with Vegan Wagon is locally sourced and crafted.  Education and private mentoring will maximize your experience, jumpstart your health and make you happier and feel younger!

He sees his protocol as preventive medicine.  He turns conscious living into an art form we can all take part in, and in a way that feels personal to our own individual needs and goals.

Chef Alex is the most passionate person you will ever meet when it comes to helping others integrate healthy eating into their lives.

My Food is My Medicine!

Diet vs Vegan Wagon…

A diet: We think diet is an ugly word. Diets are nasty little ideas with pretentious names that come in overpriced books and basically go through a whole lot of trouble to tell you want you can and cannot eat. The nerve!

The Vegan Wagon is a smart (and fun!) way to learn more about the true value of the precious foods provided by nature, and how greatly they can benefit your entire lifestyle. Plus, where diets leave off with food, The Vegan Wagon proudly provides a plethora of lifestyle education and health coaching, as well as cooking classes, lectures, and wellness retreats focused on all things plant-based.

Plant Based Community

Here, You’ll be Free… If You Truly Wish to Be!

Live & Play Between Our International Campuses in Palm Beach Florida, The Hamptons NY, Geneva Switzerland & Jose Ignacio Uruguay.

Join the Movement

You are What You Eat!

This isn’t your mother’s advice anymore - it’s a fact. What you put in your body directly affects your health, your mood, your general wellbeing.

Here’s another fact: the food you eat forms the daily building blocks of a healthy lifestyle, and ultimately helps to restore the health and vitality you deserve.

And here’s some food for thought: think about your food. Eating well means thinking about so much more than calorie count and how many superfoods you can cram onto your plate. It means knowing where your food is grown, how and by whom it’s handled, and how it’s processed, because at the end of the day, everything we eat affects us.

Our bodies are like ecosystems. What makes an ecosystem thrive is balance, so when something is off, the whole system is off. Thus, eating in such a way that respects nature, other people, and ourselves, we achieve and maintain balance, and we thrive.

Entertaining Educational Talks & Influencial Plant Based Lectures

Bringing About Balance

Just Vegan, Not Militant!

Forget what you know about the word vegan: here you won’t find any aggressive signs, you won’t have to take any oaths, and you won’t have to throw away your leather shoes. Join us on a journey to learn the true value of a plant-based diet, from how certain herbs, fruits and vegetables have actual medicinal value to how to make your favorite veggies taste more delicious than you ever dreamed.

Come aboard the Vegan Wagon and eat your way to health, happiness, and balance that’ll make you feel awesome.


A healthy diet predicates a healthy lifestyle, one that is harmonious with nature.


Expect great things when adopting awareness as a guiding force of one’s life.


Clean and organic, from what we eat to the intentions we set out with each day.


The conscious steps you take to improve your life also elevate your sense of self.


Our actions have reactions; what and how we eat affects how we live, as well as the balance around us.


When you live well you live better, longer, and more resiliently.


True health and well-being is reflected in one’s attitude, appearance, and outlook on life.


The choices you make fuel your ability to be more productive and successful.

A Social Community So Coveted that Everyone Will Become Vegan Just to Gain Access!

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