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Born and raised in the spiritual land of Nepal, Prerana Strong has been a certified Hatha Yoga instructor and Reiki healer for last 12 years. After winning the Miss Nepal Asia Pacific title in 2003, Prerana has been an inspiration to youths in Nepal, for a healthy lifestyle, animal welfare and education. For her work, she was awarded as one of the Top women leaders of Nepal in 2016. She also won the Derrick Brockie Award of Excellence as Wellness coach from World renowned health institute Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida, USA. Being a Brain tumor survivor herself, she shares a passion to share her knowledge for a better lifestyle and has been a wellness coach who has coached hundreds of people and families in Nepal & USA to heal the mind, body, and soul in a holistic way. Her workshops are fun and informative. She believes in simplifying things and finding the root cause to heal oneself.

“Life is simple let’s not complicate it” Prerana


  1. Lama Munday

    Prerana changes lives. I had a chronic lower back pain for years resulting from an accident. Although I was skeptical, I followed her guidance and it resolved my pain after only three weeks. Prerana is truly a healer and I’m now a believer. Thank you for all you do.

  2. Sam B

    Prerana Shah is an absolute angel. She is an amazing healer and medical intuitive. She picked up on many things that were going on with me instantly and helped me break through some major health barriers that had previously been holding me back.

  3. Rhonda Ashkettle

    Hi wanted to say… My coaching session with Prerana was amazing. I really enjoyed talking and opening up to her. She was able to adapt and relate to my concerns about my new vegan diet. Also, she was able to address my concerns regarding sleep. She gave great suggestions on life goals.. which I am working on.

    I am probably going to work with her again to continue the conversations and work on certain things.

  4. Erin Sharman

    I was going though a lot of issues when I met Prerana. Initially I just thought I would get her advice on food and health related issues but then she made me realize that health is not just about food and exercise but a whole lot more than that. Since our first session my life has change 180 degrees and I am so much happier and truly healthier. She make everything so simple and easy to follow, you don’t even feel like you are doing a lot. But all those small changes have made a huge impact on my and my family. Yes, she is amazing!

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