Community Inclusion, Belonging & Invitation to Participate
• Special Luxury Events & Exquisite Parties
• Invitation to New Vegan Residential Community
• Retreats, Workshops, Excursions & Escapes
• Personal Healing Consult with Cures
• Special Body Work & Practitioners
• Sound & Frequency Treatments
• Cooking Videos & Recipe Books
• Live & Online Educational Lectures
• NFT Art Releases & Investment
• Pop-Up Dinners & Socials
• Secret Gatherings & Getaways

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• Early Access - Exclusive Membership to the Vegan Wagon
• Get a Vegan Wagon membership before it gets discovered & the prices inflate.
• A Social Community So Coveted that Everyone Will Become Vegan Just to Gain Access!

Vegan Wagon is a lifestyle brand and social club that celebrates the plant based life. This international club attracts some of the most influential, conscious, and passionate vegans from around the world. Come for the Food and Health Benefits but stay for the Pop-Up Dinners, Socials, Special Luxury Events, Exquisite Parties, Live Educational Lectures, Culture, Special Guests, Celebrities & Leaders, Singles Mixers, Retreats, Workshops, Excursions, Escapes, Secret Gatherings & Getaways!


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