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Vegan Wagon is a lifestyle brand that celebrates the plant-based life and a more conscious way of living. It celebrates connection through community and common values to empower individuals to live with vitality and intention and create a thriving planet. While we may feel our actions have little effect on the planet or even the rest of humanity, the opposite is actually true. We are all connected on an energetic level and our actions (or lack thereof) affect everyone and everything, from our belief system to the food we consume to our spiritual practices which regulate the energy we put out into the collective. People are waking up to this and want to evolve their lifestyles to make better choices and be responsible for the repercussions of their actions. Many people don’t realize that when we make a decision to purchase something or upgrade our lives, we are affecting all of humanity as a result. Let that sink in for a minute. Your seemingly small day to day decisions are making a difference!

Our lives have become abbreviated to the fastest shortcut and everything seems to be based on convenience. We have lost the experience of the process and want just the results. We almost don’t care how we “get there” as long as we do, and fast! While it may save us time and effort, we are being short sighted and losing an integral part of living conscious lives. In addition, we have lost our connection to nature as have no idea where our food comes from, how it was processed, slaughtered (if one choses to eat meat) or grown, such as do we know if pesticides were added to the crops or antibiotics given to the animals? Chef Alex realized after 35 years that he was not connecting with nature and most likely others were not as well. He wanted to create a movement to help bring back this connection which in turn creates our futures. We cannot grab onto the future if we don’t take hold of the present and make more conscious choices. One way to do this is to return to simplicity without using  shortcuts that eliminate the important details which affect the end result. Being educated on how things were originally done and knowing the source of your food brings us back to that connection to nature and yields us gratitude for all that we have and what is available to use.

Vegan Wagon Community Membership

The Vegan Wagon community was created as a go-to on-line platform and resource for those looking for knowledge to create a (mostly) plant-based, conscious lifestyle with other like-minded people. It includes in-person events and retreats around the world, and in the future, this will expand to ultimately developing a lifestyle community for people to be completely food sovereign. Community members will be the first to know about this development and opportunities to get involved.  If you are someone who is a seeker, always learning and knows they don’t everything and realizes that the world is constantly changing and that nothing is permanent, it’s no accident you’ve found yourself here.

With the Vegan Wagon there is always a way to get to your destination at a smooth, comfortable pace. You get to slow down, meet new people and if you do “fall off the wagon” you can always get back on without injury. You can always change your destination (goals, life plans) and will get the support you need. When you hitch a ride with us, you’ll learn how to nourish yourself and your family with plants and jump start the body’s own natural healing process. You’ll discover a new destination in health that you may not have known existed. 

Vegan Wagon Community Membership Benefits:

$369 annual membership.

  • Access to exclusive live video content with Chef Alex. He will share personal recipes, cooking videos and useful nutritional information. New videos each month. Experience a new featured healing modality each month and a new recipe from Alex’s personal creations.
  • A 1-hour free consultation/healing with a Vegan Wagon faculty member 
  • Early notification for limited capacity live events.
  • Access to a private Telegram community to share experiences with other members.
  • A social community with the most passionate and conscious people globally.
  • A library of cooking videos, recipes and holistic health tips
  • Monthly live Zoom Q & A with Chef Alex for all things plant-based and conscious living related.
  • For local people in the Hamptons, NY or Palm Beach, FL area, 50% all full moon events, cocktail dinner, cooking classes, lectures and workshops.
  • % off all retreats


Making the World a Better Place – One person and one meal at a time.

Vegan Wagon is a platform for a healthy lifestyle, starting around the table. To be conscious of what we put in our body plays a huge role in preventative medicine, anti-aging, as well as optimal health. From our local farmers to the most refined palates, the vibrance is full spectrum via our custom events and lectures with scholars and professionals.

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