What is Vegan Wagon?

100% Plant-Based, Gluten-Free, Organic and Locally Sourced Ingredients, Gourmet Meal Delivery service. We are located in West Palm Beach, Florida. We deliver from Jupiter to Miami. Our focus is to deliver the most FRESH well balanced meals to Your Doorstep. Come aboard the Vegan Wagon and eat your way to health, happiness, and balance that’ll make you feel awesome.

How Does It work?
1. Place your order – place your order online before midnight Thursday, to receive you meals the following week. Starting may 9th, Sunday and Wednesday night deliveries.
2. We Do The Cooking – We go out to buy the most fresh and organic ingredients from local farms and local providers, this is why our cut off time is so important. Late orders only approved by management, we certainly do now want to take away from someone who took the time to order on time for late orders.
3. We Deliver – Your meals are carefully packaged in your keep it cool bag and gell packs and sent right to your doorstep two times per per week.
What are the Areas of Delivery?
Currently we only deliver to West Palm Beach Surrounding Areas, Starting May 9th, 2019 we will deliver from Jupiter to Miami two times per week.
Sundays Delivery will include your meals for Monday, Tuesdays and Wednesday. Breakfast Lunch and Dinner.
Wednesday Delivery will Include your meals for Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
What is the Time of Delivery?

Our current delivery times are from 5-11pm, times are subject to change due to reasons outside our control such as traffic, weather, etc. However our keep it cool bags will ensure your meals are fresh up to 12 hrs from the time your meals left our kitchen which typically around 5pm.

What are the prices?

We offer many plans that fit your dietary needs and lifestyle,  please visit our meal plan page for our current rates. We offer a one time two day trial for you to see if you like our service.  Weekly plan, monthly plan and a 21 day challenge also available. These plans include breakfast, lunch and dinner for each day the more meals you purchase the more savings you will receive. As low as $8 per meal.

Is there a membership fee?
Yes, there is a one time membership fee of $25, this fee will go towards your account. We will apply it to your keep it cool bag and gell packs to insure you receive the most fresh meals every time on each delivery. Don’t forget to place your existing bag outside your door for your drive. We will need to swap them out on each delivery for maintenance. Starting May 9th, 2019 we will delivery Sundays and Wednesday night.
What is Cut off time?

Customer have until midnight on Thursdays to place their order for the following entire week. Sunday and Wednesday.

What is the Billing Cut off time?

Customer have until 7pm on Wednesday night to cancel or pause their account. Unfortunately, if you give notice after cutoff time the change will take in effect until next week. By this time we have already counted with your order and have made the necessary preparation to buy enough fresh and organic ingredients for everyone meals.

How do i pay for my plan?

Please visit our meal plan page and begin by choosing the plan that works for you. Once you select your meal plan and check out. You will be automatically billed for each week through your membership. No further payment will be due beyond your weekly membership fee unless you order more plates than your plan allows.