Conscience Point

Four friends. Four generations. One transformative path.

Dive deep into the realms of health and wellness with Alex, Larry, Benton, and Nelle in a captivating docu-series, Conscience Point. Witness their shared quest for a balanced existence in a world where true wellbeing often eludes us.

Meet The Cast of Conscience Point:

Chef Alex Cheblal

The Vegan Chef

Chef Alex is not just a renowned vegan chef, but the visionary behind the transformative ideals of “Conscience Point.” Marrying a profound respect for nature with culinary artistry, Alex’s journey delves deeper than food — it’s a quest for holistic harmony. His dedication to plant-based wonders is both an inspiration and an invitation to experience nature’s bounty in its purest form.

Larry Carlson

The Sage

Larry Carlson’s life has been a rich mosaic of experiences and spiritual quests. Not only is he a wellspring of wisdom, but he is also a beacon for those navigating the labyrinth of life. Larry offers not just knowledge, but a compass for the soul. His profound insights and gentle guidance are timeless treasures, becoming beacons for all who journey with him in “Conscience Point.”


Benton Bohannon

The Wellness Newbee

Benton Bohannon is our spirited producer with an unyielding curiosity. Journeying into self-awareness, Benton’s passion becomes a lens through which we witness the transformative magic of fresh insights and open-mindedness.


Nelle Johnson

The Young Visionary

A beacon of modern and youthful wellness, Nelle Johnson craves and inspires experiences beyond the superficial. Her  perspective not only enlightens but also keeps the seasoned spirits of the group agile, reminding them that age is just one form of wisdom. 

Why we Need Funding for this Project:

Your generous donations will play a crucial role in making “Conscience Point” a reality. Your support will light up this journey, inspiring countless souls to rediscover health and harmony. Every donation brings us a step closer to sharing this profound tale.

Fill Up My Fridge

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Plant-Based Journey

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